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ATM/Cards Operations Manager

Job Category:

BPO / KPO / Shared Services

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Job Description and Qualification:

·         Ensure daily settlement of debit card retail and cash transactions, merchants/billers and Instapay funds transfer transactions.  Coordinates with Bancnet and other Bancnet-member banks in the resolution of day to day transactions.

·         Performs investigation of debit card/atm transaction complaints, chargeback and disputes with Bancnet and card schemes (Visa/Mastercard).

·         Monitor outstanding items from card dispute transactions and ensure they are resolved and closed within life span.

·         Assist Retail Operations in ensuring all financial transaction workflows and business processes are established and adhered to.

·         Prepares regulatory reports of Retail and ensure accurate and timely submission to the BSP.

·         Provides assistance in the management of processes outsourced to IBSS Manila.  Performs service review and evaluation of outsourced activities and address improvement areas of the results of evaluation.

·         Assist in the continuous identification of process improvement areas, development of enhanced processes for existing processes/procedures/workflows and/or migration of identified processes to shared services during the course of the project.

·         Ensure service delivery is in line with compliance/risk rules, financial conditions and external and internal organizational standards.