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AVP / Sr. Manager - Credit Risk

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Job Description and Qualification:

       Responsible for helping develop a long term and sustainable credit risk strategy for the identified segment  in coordination with HO  and for its adherence to the Risk Appetite Statements and applicable group policies 

       Together with the Head of Credit Risk Management, interact with the Retail Management Team to align on the commercial strategy and support the objectives of the bank 

       Actively collaborate in the development of a new and flexible decision engine infrastructure 

       Coordinate for evaluating , appointing and managing  fintechs for partnerships.

       Coordination and alignment with Credit Operations, Product Development and Customer Intelligence on ongoing basis 

       Modelling - Explore, identify and anticipate new ways to improve risk decision making levering on new data sources & methodologies, balancing client experience and effective risk & operational processes . Help in developing credit scoring, credit analytics and non-regulatory models 

       Responsible risk taking - Assure risk appetite compliance and continuous portfolio monitoring to ensure we operate within  the risk appetite statements established with Head Office.

       Analysis - Report, locally and to Head Office, the portfolio status on ongoing basis.

       Ensure development of  robust “early Warning” process 

       Monitoring the portfolio on all “Performance Monitoring Triggers” and initiating corrective action, wherever required.

       Ensure timely review / renewal of policies

       Maintain / provide support for the MIS for the region – wherever required.

      Contribute towards continuous improvement of control processes by identifying and highlighting the gaps/risk.  


PHP 2 M – 2.9M