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AVP - Underwriting

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Client Overview:

A life insurance company.

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Job Description and Qualification:

  • Manages the daily operation of the Underwriting Section
  • Evaluates underwriting authority as provided by his immediate superior.
  • Reviews and approves system specifications as well as user acceptance testing (UAT) results related to underwriting system projects including Automated Underwriting process.
  • Oversees reviews and audits the automated system and underwriting rule base and comes up with the recommendations and action plans for performance improvement and/or resolutions of the findings (if any) noted.
  • Prepares training plan and conducts/implements the training methodology to ensure that desired competency per level by the Underwriting team. This includes development and preparation of reference materials.
  • Initiates research and surveys on Underwriting trends and practices in the Life Insurance Industry to ensure an updated guideline and to remain competitive with other life insurance companies.
  • Conducts/reviews the regular audit twice a year of the cases that have been evaluated and approved by each underwriter. Results of the review shall then be forwarded to Chief Underwriter for validation and approval.
  • Advises and coaches subordinates to aid in developing skills and continuously improve their confidence in discharging their assigned roles.
  • Regularly reviews outstanding applications (IUR and IRR) for possible reconsideration to be converted into production.
  • Informs immediate superior and/or Compliance officer for any suspicious transaction, those politically exposed persons (PEP) and those considered as HRC clients as defined by Compliance.
  • Monitors and ensures that agreed SLA and TAT with the Sales Team and with other departments are continuously complied.
  • Ensures immediate resolution/feedback to queries, complaints, and requests coming from the Sales Agency regarding their submitted applications, and issued policies.
  • Ensures immediate assessment of applications, reinstatements, amendments, release of requirement/s and underwriting decision.
  • Monitors and ensures that application status in Life Asia system are updated to bring accurate daily outstanding requirement report which are released to the Agency force.


PHP 2 M – 2.9M