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Animal Nutritionist

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Papua New Guinea

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Job Description and Qualification:

Key Result Areas and Responsibilities
1. Assessing the relative nutritional values of various feeds
2. Conduct forage analysis (ensures optimum feed ingredient combination        based on
    ingredient analysis, prices, nutrient limits and ingredient limits)
3. Analyzing nutritional disorders
4. Regularly updates formulas on forecasting system and analyzes                    generated formula cost and projected material quantity.
5. Formulate diets and rations to maximize growth, reproduction, health and      performance
6. Liaise with Feed Mill Manager and clients to understand their targets and      objectives, and the specific needs of the market
7. Monitor feed formulations to meet quality performance and animal health      standards
8. Conduct seminars/trainings on animal nutrition to livestock / breeders
9. Rationalize animal feed manufacturing techniques.
10. Carry out sales and marketing strategies following the launch of a new          product
11. Balance growing consumer interest in quality with the need to develop            competitive agricultural systems
12. Maintain awareness on nutritional trends and keep up to date with                  regulatory changes
13. Assists in promoting company products and services to existing and              potential clients

1. Qualifications and Experience
a) Must be a graduate of BS Agriculture Degree preferably in Animal Nutrition or
Animal Husbandry
b) Must have at least 5 years work experience in farm environment, feed mill
production or animal nutrition field
c) Must be responsible, reliable, hard-working and self-motivated
2. Skills
a) Familiarity with analyzing data and writing reports
b) The capability to formulate and communicate ideas
c) Business management, time management and personal development skills
d) Good communication (both oral and written) interpersonal, analytical,
organization, and presentation skills

Other Job-Related Information & Responsibilities
1. May requires dealings or helping local farmers to grow and supply quality grains for feed
mill production requirements.
2. Travel may be required to attend meetings, conduct seminars, and other company
activities within the country.
3. Normal work days are Monday to Saturday
4. Must possess a valid driver’s license and know how to drive a four-wheeled vehicle