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Brand Management Associate

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Advertising / Marketing

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Job Description and Qualification:

Call Management

  • Setting Zoom and calendar invites for weekly production meeting - One Time Setup
  • Setting Zoom and calendar invites for monthly/quarterly GCC calls - Monthly

  • Setting Zoom and calendar invites Comms Experts Meeting - Monthly

  • Member Experience Director call- send invite (monthly) - Monthly

  • Doodle Poll and Google forms creation - Weekly/Monthly

  • Creation of call notes as requested - Weekly/Monthly

Data Management and Reporting

  • Pull CRM reports of emails, chapters, names, leadership position, etc. - Weekly
  • Assist with Wrike Production report extract for the weekly meetings and post to team Samepage - Weekly

  • Survey tool- MCC collect data through survey then send to the Comms Expert 24-36h before the call - Monthly

Production Management

  • Attend Production Meeting and read off the report to the team to gather updates and post in Wrike projects. Requires the ability and knowledge to reschedule projects or change project and task statuses based on updates shared at the meeting. - Weekly
  • Support Wrike ticket processing (including confirming receipt of tickets and tracking down further information when required) *Turnaround time is three days max but does not pertain to urgent requests where the deadline is under one week away. Urgent requests are to be addressed in under 24 hours - Daily

Invoice Processing

  • Processing of freelancer invoices (wire out requests) - Monthly
  • Processing of translation/interpretation invoices (wire out requests)  - Monthly

  • Creative Assistance

  • Formatting MyEmma emails and e-newsletters - Daily

  • Sending iStock photos to staff/members when requested through the ticketing system - Monthly

  • Proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator, PPT, Excel, and Word to make simple project updates (also known as Desktop Publishing, or DTP) - Weekly/Monthly

  • Create type treatments in Adobe Illustrator - Monthly

Other Ad Hoc

  • Assist with member request approvals for EO Facebook Group - Weekly
  • Uploading finished content to EO's Asset Hub and removing old content where applicable - Weekly/Monthly

  • User setup and removal for Mimeo PrintX platform - Monthly

  • Maintain inventory of translated assets - Weekly

Interested applicants may send applications to or contact the recruitment-in-charge at 09178415981