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Business Consultant for Agriculture

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Designs programs to conduct market research with the end-goal of being able to map out and identify the key stakeholders from the government and private sector, identifies the areas for improvements and pain points from the perspective of each stakeholder type, and estimates the size/magnitude of the demand and benefits from the introduction of improvement interventions
  • Conducts research to identify established practices and technologies globally and emerging trends with respect to IT-aided Agriculture
  • Determines applicability of IT-based Technologies in agriculture and performs gap analysis
  • Develops and concretizes the product/s or service/s (the “Project”) that may be designed, delivered, and implemented
  • Determines full Scope of Work to deliver, operate and maintain the Project
  • Estimates the cost to deliver the Project
  • Estimates the cost to operate and maintain the Project
  • Builds the Financial Model and conducts a Sensitivity Analysis, and determines Project Feasibility
  • Identifies and performs Risk and Risk Mitigation Analysis, and incorporates cost of Risk Management into the Financial Model
  • Provides a High-level Work Plan
  • Documents all findings in a Business Plan

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics or Agricultural Economics
  • Over 10 years related experience with deep knowledge and insights on issues and trends in Philippine Agricultural Industry
  • Financial Modeling