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Business Development Consultant

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Job Description and Qualification:

1.      Attains the monthly sales target and ensures the collection remittance of payments for all down payments of clients.

2.      Saturates your assigned market by conducting 10  personal client calls/visits per week with the end view of signing up accounts monthly.

3.      Reviews hitlist of companies  in your assigned sector, with the end in view of retaining potent or good clients and at the same time continuously replenish the hitlist of clients to be covered / visited.

4.      Gathers information on your assigned sector, i.e. industry movements, trends as well as movements of executives and managers, for inputting into ESSD’s clients database and to develop and pursue leads.

5.      Clinches accounts for the unit, which you will be assigned, as part of your Sales and Business Development function.

6.      Ensures successful placement of all recruitment assignments by adhering to proven practices in sourcing, interviewing, shortlisting, psychological testing and reference checking.

7.      Monitors competitive movements in your sector, gather and analyze necessary information and together with your Team Leader, plot out appropriate action plans.

8.      Promotes up-to-date collection of accounts receivables of your team.

9.      Works for  deeper and wider account penetration by constantly visiting contact persons at the same time expanding your network in identified prime companies within your sector.

10.  Recommends on a continuing basis improved strategies, techniques and processes for sales, promotion  as well as service delivery.

11.  Prepares regular and periodic reports prescribed to be submitted to your superior.

12.  Helps out your counterpart Production Consultant at any stage of the recruitment process, which may require your intervention to ensure, smooth service delivery to the client.

13.  Acts as the sector’s resource person in terms of industry knowledge, possible companies to source from for accounts being handled, functional information and the like, to assist the other member so your team in the sector.

14.  Develops and pursues leads vigorously, conduct in-depth  probing and discussions with prospects to establish clear parameters, write them down and validate with the prospects/clients and effect the timely and accurate turnover of accounts to the Production Consultants.

15.  Performs sales activities necessary to commence, promote and clinch search engagements and this includes client discussion of job specifications and turnover of accounts and drawing up of a sourcing strategy in the process.

16.  Qualifies clients to be sent proposal as well as prepare, submit proposal to clients and clinch accounts worthwhile servicing and solicit repeat  business from assigned clients.

17.  Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.