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Job Category:

General Management

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Job Description and Qualification:

Reports To: Assistant Operations Director

Position Purpose: 
To manage the daily operations of Site Integrated Facilities 
Management services (F&B and Technical FM)
To lead the team in meeting and exceeding customer expectations 
by providing excellent services. 
To lead the team in the efficient and profitable operation of the Contract

Key Result Areas:

Field operations
? To work in close association with the Site representative and any other relevant Site management 
and the Sodexo Senior Management, in order to best promote and manage all facets of Site
Human Resources:
? Ensure a smooth induction of the newly recruited staff 
? Identify training needs of the team and present training on an as need basis in conjunction with 
the training manager
? To perform annual performance and development reviews in accordance with Sodexo Human 
Resources policy
? Ensure the team provides an excellent and appropriate IFM offer in conjunction with excellent 
customer service
? Deal professionally with customer feedback
? Implement directions from Sodexo senior management and provide feedback and action plans
? Ensure that the team comply with relevant Client and Sodexo policies and procedures as 
outlined in relevant document, CSI & KPI
? Conduct regular team meetings encouraging open discussion and innovation amongst the team. 
Team meetings should cover; budget targets and financial results, toolbox/lunchbox talks 
covering safety, health and environment issues, current and upcoming promotional activities and 
improving sales through new ideas, suggestive selling, etc.
? Developing all Sodexo policies

? Complete all administrative duties as required by Client and Sodexo senior management, ensuring 
reporting is accurate and timely
? Control all costs by appropriate procedures and systems
? Ensure all purchases are in line with the procedures set out by Sodexo 
? Ensure labour is rostered efficiently and productively with adherence to budget
? Actively pursue budget targets and assist in budget compilation
? Develop accurate monthly forecasting
? Develop and maintain daily field contribution control
? Continually review initiatives to improve sales
? Ensure merchandising and marketing follow standards as set out in the standards manual 
? Developing the contact budget, forecasts and recommends capex as deem required by the General Manager

Safety, Health and Environment:
? Implement and adhere to the safety, health and environment policies outlined in the safety, health 
and environment manual, ensuring that all members of the team are made aware of their 
responsibilities though effective training, communication, instruction and supervision
? Implement and adhere to the food safety policy outlined in the food safety manual, ensuring that 
all members of the team are made aware of the policy through effective training, communication, 
instruction and supervision
? Ensure that regular spot checking of potential hazards are carried out and immediate remedial 
action is taken
? Ensure the Contract complies with State and local health department regulations and actions 
results of audits/enforcement officers within two weeks of receipt of report
? Strictly work in compliance with the Client for Life program
? Develop skills and experience. Participate in formal and on-the-job training. Request training in 
areas where needs have been identified
? Be an active member of the IFM service industries (where applicable), the Client, Sodexo culture 
and your team
? Attendance required at the monthly Managers meetings

? The incumbent has the authority to manage the Contract on a daily basis in line with Company 
policies and objectives
? Any cash expenditure greater than the DOA must be authorised by the N+1 manager
? Any expenditure outside the scope of normal operations must be authorised by the N+1 manager
? To conduct disciplinary procedures within Sodexo policy guidelines and in consultation with the 
senior management
? Contract Manager is empowered to take whatever actions are necessary to ensure the safety of 
all customers, clients and staff within the site 

Key Competencies:
? Associate Diploma, Degree of Business Hospitality and Catering, or Business Administration and 
? A proven background in the field of facility management or similar related discipline
? Experience, education and training within the hospitality industry
? Experience large number of staff over multiple service scopes in a multi-cultural environment
? Staff management skills
? Excellent customer service skills
? Strong financial and budgeting skills
? Excellent written an verbal communications in English and Thai
? Time Management skills
? Leadership and team building abilities
? Effective communicator
? Pleasant and confident
? Self motivated
? Organised
? Excellent grooming standard