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CRM Customer Journey Expert

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CRM Data Analytics Customer Journey Expert has end-to-end responsibility for the development, management, harmonization and phasing out of commercial products, services, channel formulas and processes within one or more segments and is familiar with the relationship between these aspects, with a view to achieving an optimum customer experience.

  • Working in Agile teams -Uses technical expertise and experience to contribute to all sprint events (planning, refinements, retrospectives, demos).
  • Strategy and policy -  Keep apprised of market and competitor developments (in the area of cost price, market price, market share, legislation and regulations, technological developments, distribution methods and other areas). Initiates customer/market research & insight gathering when required.
  • Design strategies in the area of products, channels, promotion, pricing, and product and process quality, in keeping with the brand's policy and with customer interests as the starting point for their ideal customer journey.
  • Translates the strategy into practical policy. Formulates the product, process and channel policy in keeping with: assortment policy / range product offerings, IT landscape/architecture, internal and external legislation and regulations, process principles
  • Directs implementation of strategy, tracks squad progress and adjusts wherever necessary in his or her role as a product owner.
  • Weighs up the implications of margins, volumes and market shares and sets targets, always keeping customer interests a priority.
  • Customer Experience & Journey optimization -Design, maps and improves the performance of Customer Journeys through identifying and collecting available CX and data, and translating UX and IT landscapes.
  • Products and services- Applies product/ service knowledge to develop and maintain an attractive and compliant value proposition and delivery excellence for customers. 
  • Channels and/or Segments optimization -Applies marketing and communication practices to develop and maintain an optimal (digital) mix for channel and/or segments performance.
  • Business to IT Delivery-  Has up-to-date knowledge of the business domain and the underlying application architecture + relevant IT landscape and technologies 
  • Able to translate business and customer requirements into working features and applications by collaborating with IT engineers. 

Bachelors degree in Math, Computer Science or any Business course
Has 5 years of experience in CRM, Customer Journey Experience, Customer Insights or Analytics
Above average communication skills
Currently work from home set-up