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Chief Legal Counsel

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Legal services

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Job Description and Qualification:

1.         Plan, organize and direct the operations of the Legal Department to assist the principals and business units of the Group, including all subsidiaries

2.         Provide timely legal advice and assistance to the principals and the heads of the business units of the Group

3.         Provide legal strategies for the avoidance or limitation of possible liabilities arising from laws, contracts, taxation, employment and torts

4.         Document agreements, or review contracts of the principals and business units of the Group, or recommend the engagement of external counsel to document agreements requiring extensive legal resources such as financing, security and conveyance contracts

5.         Represent the principals or the Group's companies or their directors, officers, employees or agents directly, or indirectly through external retained counsel, in civil, criminal and administrative litigation, arbitration or mediation, or recommend the engagement of external counsel to undertake such representation

6.         Monitor and/or supervise external legal counsels of the principals, business units and subsidiaries

7.         Undertake the documentation of all corporate acts through board resolutions and other actions, and act as corporate secretary to the companies of the Group

8.         Undertake the incorporation of subsidiaries or affiliates, maintain and/or achieve “good standing” status for these companies, and assist in the acquisition of all necessary permits and licenses, in tax planning, and in achieving efficiency in the maintenance of such business organizations

9.         Assist the principals and business units of the Group as may be directed by the Group's Executive Committee