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Commercial Enablement Head

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Job Description and Qualification:

Oversee the allocation and management of resources

amongst the various teams to facilitate efficiency and

effectiveness of the function.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and governance in

    documentation management by maintaining completeness and proper filing, and ensuring that current policies and processes (e.g., onboarding process) of the Commercial Group are within internal and external regulatory standards

  • Collaborate with teams within and outside the Commercial Group in identifying, planning, and facilitating process trainings and learning sessions

  • Lead trade assurance activities such as maintaining standard of service via mystery shopping and Audit on Partner and Merchants, as well as report findings to the CCO for appropriate action and resolution

  • Oversee card management processes, onboarding kit delivery, and overall inventory management activities, ensuring quality of service and efficient turnaround time

  • Champion and develop plans for continuous improvement that minimize or adequately address operational risks.

Partner with the verticals under the Commercial Group in identifying opportunities to improve current policies and processes within the Commercial Enablement to address issues regarding turnaround time and onboarding experiences of clients.

Develop and implement standard operating procedures for the Commercial Operations to ensure operational efficiency.

Drive and oversee effective and efficient service delivery of the Commercial Operations to support the business needs of the Commercial Group in onboarding and retention of new and existing clients/accounts 
 ensuring consistent GCash experience throughout their journey.