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Commercial Project Manager

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Major Duties and Responsibilities 
• Direct and assist w/common processes/procedures related to the administration of project 
• Track and evaluate performance guarantees and liquidate damage costs for project delay and general system performance 
• Work closely with project managers to provide timely transparency around project/contract budgets 
• Manage construction subcontractors/vendors to maintain project delivery timeline and quality met
• Organize the project reviews from start to the end of each contract including coordinating close-out process
• Review AR detail estimates prior to project/contract submittals to verify correct account classifications 
• Build and manage approved project/contract detail in NetSuite spending areas at the line item level
• Analyze and process project related documents (purchase requisitions, field orders, invoices, etc.) 
• Build work orders in NetSuite within project budget and initiate fund transfers 
• Verify account breakdown structure accuracy between capital and expense accounts 
• Track/reconcile Guaranteed Maximum Price contracts 
• Manage change management projects leveraging feedback from multiple stakeholders 
• Communicate financial matters with project teams to business units and executives 
• Understand sales, property and personal tax requirements
• Forecast project spending and provide monthly accruals on work performed 
• Monitor and audit reports to ensure accuracy 
• Generate project/contract status reports and summaries


PHP 1M – 1.9M