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Corporate Affairs Head

Job Category:

Advertising / Marketing

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Job Description and Qualification:

·        Reports directly to the President.

·        Lead the development of the organizational communications strategy and plan, driving achievement of communications goals that are aligned with the overall organizational strategy and to achieve positive image & brand.

·        Responsible in developing, coordinating and implementing the Corporation’s Communications and Public Relations strategy to build relationships and communicate a positive image and brand.

·        Responsible for creating clear and targeted messaging for employees, customers and stakeholders, while supporting strong brand positioning, facilitating positive media relations, and managing public affairs.

·        Designing programmes to create and maintain a positive image of the corporation to the external publics.

·        Managing the production and dissemination of information with targeted publics through appropriate channels in line with the corporate mission and vision.

·        Managing and coordinating research into stakeholder's perceptions and image of the Corporation, to achieve positive reputation for the Corporation.

·        Advising senior management on key strategic communication to uphold a positive image and reputation for the Corporation.

·        Leading the implementation of the Corporation's media-relations strategy to enhance goodwill and positive coverage for the Corporation.

·        Planning & managing the Company’s key events.

·        Plan, edit and write content for a variety of internal communications mediums, such as a staff intranet, monthly magazine or regular email bulletin. You may also be required to work on the layout of content

·        Content creation, review and publication of communication/ messages as well as strategic campaigns. Creating/Editing/Proofreading communication materials in alignment with key messaging, positioning of the company. Work on the creative/ layout of content.

·        Managing the development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

·        Managing and implementing change initiatives to achieve desired business plan and culture

·        Develop and implement emergency strategy and plans at times of crisis to protect and build a positive corporate reputation in accordance with the company standards and government regulations

·        Graduate of Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Communication or any related course.

·        With at least 10 years of experience in Organizational Communication/ Public Relations

·        Creative and innovative thinker; ability to approach opportunities and issues and generate ideas that inspire new directions and exciting outcomes

·        Strong written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills with various levels within an organization

·        Copywriting and proofing proficiency


PHP 2 M – 2.9M