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Corporate Affairs and Business Development Officer

Job Category:

Administration / Corporate Services

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Job Description and Qualification:

The Corporate Affairs and Business Development Officer shall be the Firm’s partner in steering it towards achieving its goal of being one of the top three law firms in the country in terms of size, prestige, and credibility. Specifically, the BDO shall perform the following functions:

  • Conceive, plan, and implement the overall marketing and public relations strategy of the Firm and ensure that the same is aligned with the latter’s mission and vision;

  • Conceive, plan, and implement branding efforts that will enhance the image of the Firm and its lawyers;

  • Come up with a yearly calendar of events and be in charge of events management for the Firm;

  • Administer and manage the website, newsletter, and social media accounts of the Firm, taking charge of updating and ensuring quality of content;

  • Monitor developments, issuances, media outputs that may have an impact on the image and business of the Firm or any of its lawyers and recommend ways of addressing it, if necessary;

  • Develop and implement strategies for effective feedback gathering from clients to ensure that client concerns are promptly addressed and client satisfaction is maintained;

  • Develop and implement strategies to expand the firm’s network involving individuals, agencies, and organizations here and abroad;

  • Develop and implement strategies that will nurture close relationships with clients and attract potential clients;

  • Be in charge of writing materials, press releases, and write-ups that will be used by the Firm for various purposes;

  • Spearhead efforts to enable the Firm to be recognized by award-giving bodies and professional organizations;

  • Assist the lawyers of the firm in coming up with and implementing a public relations or crisis management strategy for the Firm’s clients when necessary;

  • Recommend and coordinate with the necessary external providers, suppliers, and contacts for all the marketing and public relations efforts;

  • In coordination with HR, conceive and implement the Firm’s work plan;

  • Coordinate with and tap the lawyers and staff of the Firm in the performance of the foregoing functions;

  • Recruit and supervise business development staff as may be deemed necessary; and

  • Perform such other tasks that the Managing Partner may assign.


PHP 3M – 3.9M