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Corporate Spokesperson

Job Category:

Advertising / Marketing

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Client Industry:

TECHNOLOGY (IT & IT peripherals)

Job Description and Qualification:


The jobholder is responsible for contributing to the growth and profitability of Stradcom Corporation by achieving the goals and objectives established for each of the department’s key performance areas such as: Media Relations and Corporate and Business Issues Management.


  1. Technical Performance Areas
  2. Media Relations
    • Acts as Company Spokesperson and liaison with the media;
    • Manage and prepare responses to media inquiries; and,
    • Prepare regular media coverage reports.
  3. Corporate and Business Issues Management
  4. Partner and collaborate with the concerned Department/s in developing the Company’s issues management process;
  5. Produce materials for effective issues and crisis management with defined goals and messages; and,
  6. Develop and implement tactical plans including continuous gathering and monitoring of key issues affecting, or relevant to, the Company.
  7. Management Performance Areas
  8. Planning
    • Establishes the objectives/goals to be accomplished by the department for each of its key result areas, subject to the approval of the supervising Executive;
    • Programs the sequence and priority of action steps to be followed by the department in achieving said objectives/goals;
    • Prepares and generates reports required by supervising Executive; and,
    • Participates in the company’s planning workshops.
  9. Leading
    • Selects staff for the department following the recruitment and selection policies of the Company;
    • Coaches staff to help improve their competencies for higher productivity and career growth;
    • Spearheads or leads specific ad-hoc committees as mandated by the supervising Executive as needed;
    • Participates during Management Committee meetings; and,
    • Recommends the selection of external service providers and suppliers needed by the department.
  10. Organizing
    • Develops, recommends and presents to supervising Executive for review and approval of the department’s organization structure and manning plan by identifying and grouping the work to be done per staff so that work is accomplished effectively;
    • Determines and recommends the order of priorities as regards pending deliverables of the department; and,
    • Presides over regular department meetings to discuss accomplishments, issues and concerns.
  11. Controlling
    • Assesses subordinate’s work progress and actual performance based on established performance standards and indicators by which their objectives are to be evaluated;
    • Controls the resources of the department through its budget;
    • Oversees the day to day activities of the department and its compliance to Company policies, guidelines and procedures; and,
    • Provides reports, presents and submits the department’s accomplishments and performance on set deadlines.


  1. Recommends the approval of the following in accordance to Company policies, guidelines and procedures:
    • Personnel Actions: hiring, personnel movements, employee discipline such as suspension, termination, separation from employment of subordinates
    • Performance appraisal of staff, including training requirements
    • Hiring of 3rd Party Contractors (e.g., public relations agencies)
    • Media Relations Plans and Programs
    • Media Relations Policies, Guidelines and Procedures
    • Crisis Management Guidelines and Procedures
    • Purchase Requisition, Requests for Payment, etc.
  2. Approves the following, subject to Company policies, guidelines and procedures:
    • Application for Leave of Subordinates (except for extended leave of absence);
    • Request for use of Company Vehicle;
    • Request for Overtime, Official Business, Meal and Transportation Allowance of Subordinates.


  • Bachelor’s degree in public relations, organizational communication, broadcasting communication, journalism, advertising and marketing, or any related course
  • At least seven (7) years of relevant work experience in the areas of Corporate Image and Reputation Management, Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Competencies
      • Technical/Professional knowledge and skills in corporate image and reputation management, issues and crisis management, public relations, and management (Planning, Leading, Organizing & Controlling)
      • Communication skills – clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of media to others, correctly interprets messages, and responds appropriately
      • Formal Presentation – effective preparation and structured delivery of formal presentations suited to the characteristics and needs of the audience
      • Planning and Organizing – ability to establish course of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently
      • Initiating Action (Initiative) – proactive and does not wait for others to take action or to request action
      • Impact – creates a good first impression, commanding attention and respect, showing an air of confidence
      • Quality Orientation (Attention to Details) – pays attention to all details and aspects of a job or process to avoid substandard outputs
      • Adaptability – ability to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; ability to adjust effectively to work within new structures, processes, requirements or cultures
      • Building Positive Work Relationships (Teamwork) – develops and uses collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals
      • Stress Tolerance – maintains stable performance under pressure and handles stress in an acceptable manner


PHP 1M – 1.9M