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Data Scientist

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Information Tech

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Client Overview:

Our client is a consulting company specializing in business intelligence and advanced analytics.

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Job Description and Qualification:

The Data Scientist will produce and implement innovative data and AI solutions. Highly analytical, the data scientist should be able to manage and transform large data sets (data engineer)  in  a  form  that’s  ready  to  capture  business  trends  (visualization)  and  apply complex algorithms (data science).   A specialized track in data science would highly be considered if a candidate can apply knowledge of statistics, machine learning, predictive modeling,  programming  and  advanced  mathematics  to  recognize  patterns,  identify opportunities and produce AI engine to influence an outcome.  The chosen data scientist candidate   will  be  immersed  in  Implementation  Practice  (development,  production implementation   &   support,   system   requirements   gathering)   and   Solution   Build (prototyping,  build  and  packaging  of  data/analytics  solutions,  iterating  AI  programs). Multiple level roles are available – from junior to senior consultants.

Job Scope:

Use  a  flexible,  analytical  approach  to  design,  develop  and  evaluate  predictive models or advanced algorithms in machine learning.
Provide  strategies  and  develop  project  implementation  details  which  include analytical base table structures, feature engineering, modeling approach, test/train strategies, accurate model measurements and model management.
•   Develops, creates and prepares data marts for analytics use cases.
Demonstrate and deliver rapid prototypes as well as end-to-end fully-tested mature data pipeline processes.
Strongly influence business decisions by developing and institutionalizing data- driven analytics.  Collaborate with technical users & senior customer stakeholders to define data science requirements, establish business rules to be applied and show business value of data outputs.
•   Support implementation projects & solution builds for Philippines, Denmark, and
Australia (onsite in-country or remote)


At least 4 years in any field of data & analytics (data mining, predictive analytics, machine   learning,   business   intelligence,   data   management).     More   senior applicants are encouraged to apply and will be provided Senior/Principal roles and compensation.
Minimum of 2 years of hands-on data analytics experience statistical or predictive modeling. Comfortable working with large, complex data sets from varying sources (e.g., transactional & enterprise data, unstructured data sets, internet/public data or data science research).
Ideally, the  candidate should show  experience  in programming and  relevant or practical experience in one or more of the following:
o Experience with any statistical or data science computing languages, e.g.
Python, R, SAS, etc.
o Experience in data engineering or data integration/consolidation; ETL tools or programming (SQL), 
o Skilled in data visualization
o Nice to have and advantage but not a requirement:
▪    Experience  with  any  big  data  /  machine  learning  technologies,
platform  or  tools  such  as  Spark,  Scala,  HDFS  (Cloudera,  MapR), Redshift, NoSQL, etc.), etc.
Experience in subject domains (customer or product analytics, digital apps, web analytics, location analytics, fraud, and others)
Excellent  communication  and  presentation  skills,  both  written  and  oral.  Able  to translate outcomes into business value
•   Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Engineering or
other quantitative fields