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Demurrage Analyst

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The Demurrage Analyst gathers, interprets, and uses complex data to develop actionable steps that will improve processes and optimize results. He / She is expected to provide quality analysis to support business partners and organizational stakeholders in their decision-making process.

Key Responsibilities
  • Perform necessary transactional processing in his/her assignment
  • Perform account analysis, accruals, reconciliation, and reporting to support accounting cycles and business requirements
  • Handling queries from counterparts and customers, both internal and external
  • Ensure that the appropriate internal controls are in place and are in compliance with the company's Policies & Procedures, with IFRS or the applicable GAAP, and with relevant government or regulatory authorities
  • Develop and recommend new reports that will support and complement existing reports in accordance with the information needs of the customer
  • Support external and internal audit and ensure audit-worthiness of assigned accounts/reports/responsibilities and assist during regular internal and external audit
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent level of education, Business related - preferred
  • Candidate should have a minimum of 2 years Shipping and Trading Industry experience and a good understanding of contracts, charter parties and key laytime/ demurrage provisions and relevant terminology
  • Prepare demurrage claims for the vessel(s) he/she is responsible for, according to internal procedure.
  • The Demurrage analyst will have the calculated claims reviewed by Senior Demurrage Analyst, Supervisor or Manager
  • Collect required documentation from the vessel. Ensure documents are correctly filled in and signed
  • Dayshift/Currently work from home