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Digital Channels Partnership Manager

Job Category:

Advertising / Marketing

Job Level:


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Job Description and Qualification:

  • Understand business goals to identify customer bases to prioritize penetration and increase in usage to aid optimize the company’s profitability and ensure integrity of users’ experience with the brand
  • Develop partnership programs for the digital delivery channels
    • Formulate and implement end-to-end quarterly programs to achieve digital delivery channel objectives
    • Work with Corp Comm, Creatives, Customer Marketing and Customer Service on the creation and implementation of penetration and usage programs.
  • Conduct regular competitor scans on partnership programs related to the digital delivery channels and generate, as needed, the relevant report.
  • Ensure satisfactory CSAT ratings for company’s digital delivery channels
    • Review digital delivery channels CSAT reports and implement action as required
    • Define with Customer Marketing the relevant and timely means to measure customer satisfaction with the digital delivery channels
    • Define the business goals and metrics with Program Partners that result from the campaigns that will be developed.
  • Partner with third parties to provide benefits as possible with subscription and/or usage of the digital delivery channels.
  • Meet partnership program performance ratings
    • Proactively monitor partnership program performance through regular reports or daily dashboards
    • Conduct regular partnership program performance review particularly on specific metrics and identified key drivers
    • Close coordination with partnership program partners to timely resolve any issue
  • Compliance & Risk Management
    • Ensure that all compliance matters are identified and openly and honestly reported to the Line Manager and/or Compliance Officer in accordance with the reporting requirements operated within the work unit and the Company.
    • Ensure adherence of the work unit with all relevant statutory, compliance, risk management and audit standards and requirements in carrying out their functions.