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Electro Mechanical Technician(SAGCO)

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Saudi Arabia

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Job Description and Qualification:

• To set up and maintain electronic equipment and conveying system • Performs technical work in the maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment • Typical duties include the maintenance and repair of equipment such as control valves, pumps, water treatment and chemical feed systems, meters, wells and standby power generators; troubleshooting and adjustment of equipment; inspection, testing, evaluation and documentation of equipment performance; and technical research. • Performs troubleshooting, diagnostic analysis, and fault isolation of a variety of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment and systems. • Performs preventative maintenance and repair on a wide range of pumps, motors, valves, hydroelectric generators, standby power generators and water treatment equipment. Ability to properly disassemble, rebuild or service equipment. • Performs measurements, tests, and evaluations to verify performance of equipment, systems, and components, as applicable. Inspect the bottle it is oval body or deformed body Inspect the bottom of the bottle if there are defects of bottom check crizzle bottom, share mank, knock out, swung bottle, etc. Take the bottle from the conveyor and inspect if there is defect which is body seam check And if there are seen defects, report it to QA immediately to bring it to the operator