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Enterprise Risk Manager

Job Category:

Administration / Corporate Services

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Job Description and Qualification:

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:

· Identify and manage risks to the organization, its employees, stakeholders, assets and operations and develop ERM strategies, objectives and policies; which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the company when risks do occur

· Establish and implement frameworks, systems, tools and procedures to be able to achieve successful risk identification and risk management based on appropriate or best practice standards.

· Engage and develop effective working relationships with all Operating Companies, Start-up Companies as well as Project Sites to support and elicit cooperative responses to risk management issues and concerns

· Lead and monitor the operational risk management activities of the organization (Head Office and all its subsidiaries throughout the Philippines).

· Performing a risk evaluation: Analyze current risks and identifying potential risks that are affecting the company; Evaluate the company’s previous handling of risks, and comparing potential risks with criteria set out by the company such as costs and legal requirements

· Monitor and analyze risks within the various Business Functions and Business Units and report these to the Head of the Risk and Assurance Group/Chief Risk Officer.

· Establishing the level of risk the company are willing to take

· Preparing risk management and insurance budgets

· Present Risk Reports customized to relevant audiences. (Educate the board of directors about the most significant risks to the business; ensure that business function heads understand the risks that might affect their groups or sectors; ensure that individuals understand their own accountability for individual risks)

· Create business continuity plans to limit risks

· Implement health and safety measures, and purchasing insurance

· Conduct policy and compliance audits, which will include coordinating and working with internal and external auditors

· Maintain records of insurance policies and claims

· Review any new major contracts or internal business proposals on their risks aspects

· Build risk awareness among employees by providing learning and training programs relevant to risk management; Provide regular IEC activities to promote and enhance risk control awareness, ownership and accountability


PHP 2 M – 2.9M