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Executive Chef

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General Management

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Job Description and Qualification:

Position Title: EXECUTIVE CHEF
Reports To: Contract Manager

Position Purpose: To produce and present food items to meet Client’s expectations 
and the required Company standards.

Key Result Areas:

The Executive Chef will train and manage kitchen personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary 
activities; select and develop recipes; standardize production recipes to ensure consistent quality; establish 
presentation technique and quality standards; plan and price menus; ensure proper equipment 
operation/maintenance; and ensure proper safety and sanitation in kitchen. The Executive Chef may oversee 
special catering events and may also offer culinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques. 
This position is recognized as the technical expert, teacher and trainer for other chefs

Core competencies: Leadership, Management, Planning

? To maintain a positive relationship with all customers and maintain the integrity of Sodexo by 
demonstrating positive feedback at all times in line with Customer Service training guidelines
? To deal effectively with customer complaints and follow up with Unit Managers promptly
? To ensure that all food items are of a high standard in presentation and content to the Sodexo 
? Knowledge of contemporary food trends
? Well groomed and able to represent Sodexo in a professional manner
? Self motivated
? Creativity and an eye for detail
? Be an active member of the hospitality industry
? Passionate about food
? To ensure that batch style cooking is completed following Company guidelines for time, temperature 
and quality control 
? To offer ideas and suggestions concerning menu planning and menu costing
? To understand and maintain all Sodexo HACCP procedures
? To follow and maintain Company food safety procedures at all times
? To carry out any other duties as requested by the Chief Operating Officer or his delegate
? To attend meetings and training courses as required
? service team, monitoring and solving personnel issues as they arise within the department
? To organise formal training and provide structured on-the-job training. Identify and address individual 
training needs 
? To refine and improve the operation, encourage and recognise innovation and incorporate these into 
work procedures
? To implement directions from Sodexo Senior Management

? To take whatever actions are necessary to ensure the safety of all customers, clients and staff within 
the operation.
? To manage kitchen staff in daily duties to ensure best practice according to Sodexo Company 

Key Competencies:
Special qualifications:
The ability to manage in a diverse environment with focus on client and customer services is essential to 
success in this role.

The ideal candidates will possess a bachelor's degree or related culinary degree with eight or more years of 
industry and culinary management experience - a culinary degree, - excellent management skills, and 
experience with food and labor management systems, experience training and leading a culinary staff.