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Finance Staff - Taguig

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Job Description

  • Prepares and checks delivery charges versus standard rate per lorry and other local suppliers
  • Prepares and checks the payroll
  • Prepares MC for payment of Duties, VAT, Arrastre and Wharfage
  • Prepares and monitors of checks release
  • Monitors of daily US dollar versus Philippine Peso deal
  • Prepares RGI for importation payment and supporting documents
  • Negotiates and monitors to the bank of US dollar conversion rate for importation payments
  • Responsible for bank transactions such as forwarding shipping documents, dollar procurement, and other bank correspondences, etc.
  • Responsible for recording PPCI sales report per invoice and check disbursements summary
  • Prepare and sending of Statement of Account pertaining to the receivable commission from suppliers and clients

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Determines tax liabilities of the company, filling of return and payment of the following: Expanded withholding tax (Monthly), Withholding tax on compensation (Monthly), Documentary stamps tax, List of regular suppliers, Summary of input tax
  • Prepares monthly cash outflow such us expenses incurred for next month
  • Assists the Finance Manager in making financial statements
  • Schedule of local accounts payable and other receivables
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Schedule of operating expenses
  • Schedule of fixed assets and insurance
  • Records purchases, expenses and accounts payable transactions in the company’s purchase journal book and cash disbursement book

Annual Responsibilities

  • Prepares the government requirements such as Alpha list of Expanded Withholding tax, list of regular suppliers, annual inventory List
  • Conducts year end physical count of product in coordination with external auditor and stock controller of terminals
  • Prepares schedules required by external auditors for their annual audit of the company’s financial statements


  • Must be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Must have at least 5 years of work experience in all areas of Finance and Accounting
  • Above average communication skills
  • Good moral character and strong interpersonal skills
  • Preferably residing in Makati or Taguig area