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HR Supervisor - Quezon City

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Human Resource

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Job Description and Qualification:

Strategic HR

Participates in the development of HR Strategies.

Analyzes cost and benefits of HR programs and identifies highest impact programs and best use of resources.

Actively participates in the company’s strategic business planning process and participates in the development of HR strategies such as Diversity, People Planning, Productivity, and Rewards and Recognition.

HR System Implementation

Partners with Sales, Finance, and other departments to assist with the implementation of core HR Strategies and systems in the entire group.

Counsels and advises key customers regarding HR programs such as Performance Development System, Rewards and Recognition systems, Respectful workplace policies, investigations and development of corrective action plans. Coaches with the goal of transferring Core People Management skills.

Coordinates for development and implementation of the each departments/company’s strategic staffing plans.

Conducts Internal audits to ensure compliance with laws and company employee practices (people minimums/labor standards etc.)

Communication & Training

Communicates Messages from Top Management, HR department, etc. Makes presentations and facilitates meetings as needed or whenever required.

Conducts Training Needs Analysis and designs and develops training modules needed by the company.

.Provides training and development for key customers on HR policies, practices and systems to achieve self sufficiency and shared responsibility.

Partners with various departments within the company on training needs analysis, curriculum design and delivery.

Coordination & Administration

Anticipates, identifies, and assists in the investigation and resolution of legal cases when needed.

Analyses and makes recommendations using data relevant to staffing, turn over, transfers and cost containment programs.

Supervises other HR Department staff as required.

Assists in developing and managing department budget.

Prepares recruitment plan in order to strategize for current vacancy requirements.

Sources and conducts Department/initial interviews for required job vacancies.

Administers Testing, schedules interview with other department, in order to come up with a shortlist of candidates.

Ensures preparation of Job Offer, Contracts, and needed documents to facilitate hiring for successful candidates.

Employee Relations

Maintains a regular inventory of 201 files and other important HR files like memos, activities, case tracking, inter-departmental memos, etc.

Prepares and routes for approval all HR documents like Certificate of Employment, Background Check, NPA, Clearance Forms, Company ID, etc.

Performs support functions for the department by sorting all business correspondences, relaying important messages for the department, receiving and redirecting calls.

Produces required reports from the department on a regular or periodic basis or as required.

Updates information in the HR Employee Master

Maintains an inventory of office supplies and re-orders as needed.

Special Projects:

May be required to handle and assist in planning and execution of special events and projects of the department.

Participates in cross-functional teams as assigned.