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Head of Finance

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Client Overview:

A multinational retail company.

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Job Description and Qualification:

The Head of Finance will support the overall financial performance of the company’s everyday operation and long-term projects.

She will prepare the Accounting infrastructure for the company and ensures reliable consolidation of regional income statements and balance sheets and will manage and plan its cash flow

She will set up the IT-infrastructure according to the needs of the company.

The Head of Finance will be in charge of investment planning for major investments which go beyond the responsibility of the regional management.

She will also provide central statistics in comparison with regions, the monthly reporting package for Board of Directors and specific reports as well as support the regional administration departments in order to ensure a correct and smooth consolidation of regional companies.

Moreover, she will organize central audit and manage legal subjects and tax matters including general insurance and negotiations with insurance companies.

She will likewise supervise real estate and rental procedures and regulations and define finance and leasing procedures including final negotiations for contracts of significant value.


PHP 2 M – 2.9M