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Head of Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain

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Job Description and Qualification:

The ideal candidate is responsible in setting strategic direction and leads the business unit to achieve the Companys vision and business objectives and goals through efficient, timely and cost effective supply chain processes while maintaining the highest levels of professional standards and ethics.

Successful candidate shall:
  • Manage the day-to-day contracting, strategic sourcing and procurement, inventory and warehousing, shipping and logistics, and head office general administration functions to support business objectives and consistent with enterprise-level policies.
  • Define and monitor performance on annual goals, work plan and budget of the department,ensuring that these are aligned with the overall company goals, strategy, and policies. 
  • Oversee negotiations and execution of procurement, contractor management, bids,and vendor accreditation processes.
  • Direct and provide leadership to the Supply Chain Management Department by formulating and communicating performance expectations.
  • Manage the performance of direct reports by setting performance goals and measures, conducting regular performance reviews, creating and implementing development plans, and ensuring accountability and commensurate rewards and recognition.
  • Maintain strategic relations with business partners and relevant government agencies. 
  • Establish networks with relevant industry groups and associations for trends, technology and process improvements.
  • Coordinate with enterprise-level supply chain units for best practices, policy and strategic alignments.


PHP 2 M – 2.9M