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IT Project Managers

Job Category:

Information Tech

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Client Industry:

TECHNOLOGY (IT & IT peripherals)

Job Description and Qualification:

Position: Project Manager

The most important role in Solution engagement is the Project Manager (PM). This role is accountable for successfully delivering the solution to the client using the appropriate business measurements, terms and conditions for the project according to the agreement/contract, i.e., our Statement of Work (SOW) or Letter of Engagement (LOE), and Master Services Agreement (MSA).

As the direct, day-to-day onsite agent for IT, the PM represents the company in all aspects of the engagements execution.  The PM has overall accountability and performance responsibility for ensuring that IT is accurately represented and that our interests are properly served without compromising our obligations, cost and schedule while completing our contractual Deliverables to the total satisfaction of the client.  Knowing that at times these objectives may be in conflict, it’s the PM’s job to understand when that situation exists and to manage the project so that we continue to achieve the contracted and desired outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of what IT management expects of the PM so that there is no misunderstanding of all that is required in the performance of their assignment and on what their performance will be measured.

Experience Requirements:

1. Minimum of 10 years experience in IT job functions and, a minimum of 5 years recent experience providing ‘hands-on’ project management direction at the first-line level, including all of the following:

a. Direct technical team management of a team of no less than 5 team members and management of the associated project plan.

b. Direct Project Management of the full project development life cycle (requirements definition through system implementation) or equivalent experience in the area for which the project manager was hired.

c. Experience in one or more of IT’s Solution Portfolio areas.

d. Demonstrated success in a Solutions oriented project environment.

2. Career background must include hands-on data processing experience as a technician in at least four (4) of the standard system development life-cycle phases.

3. Demonstrated ability to successfully design and implement a variety of complex systems and solutions or, for non-application development project managers: demonstrated ability to successfully perform as a project manager in the area of technical expertise for which the project manager was hired, e.g. Testing Manager.

4. Demonstrated ability in the administration and technical supervision of senior and junior level technical personnel in the area of expertise for which the project manager was hired.

5. Demonstrated  experience in MS Suite of products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and MS Project (or similar Project Management Tools).

6. Demonstrated mastery of project control procedures such as Planning, Tracking, Change Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Personnel Management, etc.

7. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with all levels of technical and management personnel.

8. Completed a formal training in Project Management.

9.  Must have Agile/Scrum experience.


PHP 2 M – 2.9M