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Information Risk Management Officer - Taguig

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  • Information Technology (IT) – concerns managing Information (Technology) Risks within IT Governance, IT Management and IT Security;
  • Operational Resilience – concerns measures to ensure Availability of Business Services;
  • Information Management – concerns managing Information (Technology) Risks within the lifecycle of information and use of information to the benefit of the stakeholders.
  • Continuity Risk is the risk of financial loss, regulatory sanctions or reputational damage due to business disruptions (loss of people, processes, systems, data, premises) caused by severe events (e.g. natural disasters, infectious diseases, power outages, terrorism).
  • The Cybersecurity Officer is in charge of ensuring that Business Continuity Plans are available to identify the critical processes and describe the corrective measures and resources necessary in case a business is disrupted and cannot be resumed within the normal environment. It is also in charge of the Disaster Recovery Plans to recover the time critical business processes or value chains and describes all ICT measures necessary to support these requirements.

  • At least 3 years in a supervisory capacity
  • Strong knowledge of cyber / information security concepts, risk and controls concepts
  • With background in the field of Information (Technology)/Business Continuity Risk Management, possessing knowledge of IRM, BCM and IT processes
  • Strong knowledge of regulations
  • Governance and reporting