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Infrastructure,Safety, Environment and Engineering Specialist (Project Based) | Work On Site - Alabang

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       Bachelor's Degree in Office Management or other related course

       Necessary degrees such as BOSH ( Basic Occupational Safety and Health) etc. need to be in place and regularly updated.

       3+ years related professional experience

       Must be a Safety Office Level 4 Dole Accredited

       Extensive knowledge in ISEE and EHS related matters

       Holder of ISEE and EHS necessary degrees/certificates

       Experience in leading projects

       Strong communication and interpersonal and inter cultural skills

       Strong assertiveness and strongly driven by facts

       Improvement skills with a strong drive to achieve results

       Can start immediately

       Open to work on a project based engagement

       Open to report on site in Alabang but must be also capable to work from home if needed


       Ensure that principles of ISEE, EHS ( Environment , Health and Safety) and Security are being adhered to

       Compliance on DOLE ( Department of Labor and Employment) requirements

       Develop, conduct, support, or assist in governmental reviews, internal corporate evaluations, or assessments of the overall effectiveness of facility and personnel security processes.

       Create and/or implement security standards, policies, and procedures related to ISEE and EHS.

       Coordination, development and deployment of Group ISEE/EHS policies, best practice and local regulatory requirements.

       Promotion of ISEE/EHS activities to increase awareness and understanding across all functions of BIBSPI.

       Enforcement of ISEE/EHS related SOPs and/or Guidelines.

       Oversee developmental/structural changes to the office (renovation, refurbishment, improvement, installment of furniture etc.)

       Oversee effectiveness and renewal of necessary licenses and permits. For example: Permit to Operate "Mechanical Equipment/Machinery", Certificate of Annual Inspection (PEZA), Permit to Operate "Electronical Equipment", Permit to Operate "Electronics Equipment", Certificate of Registration (PEZA), Fire and Safety Inspection Certificate,

       Business License and Mayor's Permit, Business Clearance, etc.