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Internal Auditor (Cebu)

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CEBU CITY (Capital)

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Job Description and Qualification:

An Officer of the Bank who shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and who shall report to the BOD. He/she shall foster and promote a sound and effective systems of internal control that will enhance efficient operations, reliable financial reporting and compliance with the policies of the Bank and pertinent rules and regulations prescribed by the proper government regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Function Duties:
1. Ensures that the annual audit plan is delivered fully and according to schedule.
2. Ensures that Bank’s Internal Audit Manual is updated.
3. Examine, inspect, check and audit the cash books of accounts and other transactions of the Bank, to determine compliance with the policies, procedures and guidelines prescribed by the bank and the pertinent laws, agreements, rules and regulations promulgated by the proper regulatory and supervisory government authorities.
4. Presents audit reports to the Audit Committee on time.
5. Recommend measures necessary to continuously improve the internal control systems of the Bank and to enhance the over-all effectiveness of the Bank’s management functions
6. Monitor the status of internal audit recommendations made to various departments and appraise the adequacy of action taken thereon by executive management.
7. Perform all other duties as are ordinarily attached to his/her office