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Mechanical & Shaft Engineer

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Job Description and Qualification:

  • - handle the various pumps for watering (from surface to UG for machines), dewatering (mine waste water from UG to mine settling pond), mine water treatment [5 years experience]
  • - shafts, lifts & winzes care and maintenance experience [5 years experience]

General Responsibilities
  • - Develop and test mechanical components, equipment and machinery
  • - Handle fabrication, operation, installation and repair of mechanical products
  • - Diagnose and drive material loss’ corrective actions
  • - Define maintenance program to enhance key plant equipment’s throughput
  • - Determine production issues and document solutions
  • - Apply Six Sigma principles to drive process improvements
  • - Drive EHS compliance and safe workplace culture
  • - Ensure production efficiency and achievement goals
  • - Resolve and execute operating process solutions
  • - Coordinate activities through Statistical Process Control methodology
  • - Read system layouts, draw and prepare schematics with AutoCad and other programs
  • - Create design of experiments for process changes
  • - Designing, running, testing and upgrading systems and processes
  • - Perform preventive and corrective maintenance and proper calibration of equipment

Dewatering & Waste Water
  • - Implementation of deep shaft, tunnel, and river-bed dewatering systems
  • - Use of perimeter well dewatering schemes where others specify internal wells/sumps
  • - Monitoring and alarm systems using data loggers
  • - Develops engineering/ dewatering site action plans to guide timely and cost effective development of projects; maintains the system of budget and schedule control.

Shafts & Winzes:
  • - Install and repair shafts and winzes
  • - Service the mechanical components using job-specific equipment, acting as a technician for any company that utilizes an elevator
  • - Assemble parts, plan installations, and ensure the proper operation of an elevator
  • - Fixing electrical wiring to understand components like brakes and motors.


PHP 1M – 1.9M