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Omni Channel Business Manager

Job Category:

Advertising / Marketing

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Client Overview:

Our client is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the country with over 90 branches nationwide that carry a wide range of international branded products in food container, cosmetics and personal care.

Client Industry:


Job Description and Qualification:


1.      Develop omni-channel strategy for the business

2.      Work with the Managing Director and other members of the Lead Team for exploratory projects involving digital platforms. Develop digitally-enabled strategies that are aligned to the overall growth and branding strategy. Research, experiment and perform iterative testing in order to:

a.      Define the most efficient and effective business model and appropriate selling and marketing strategies

b.      Identify product line-up and offers

c.      Identify and collaborate with the right partners/ and platform

d.      Define the customer proposition and target segment for both consumer and salesforce

e.      Identify and develop the appropriate types of engagement and rewards program for the salesforce

f.       Define the required salesforce skill sets and salesforce development strategy, and collaborate for execution

g.     Execute proof-of-concept activities to support conclusions and recommendation to scale-up

3.      Create an integrated digital marketing strategy and PR plan to support Brand and Campaigns team; ensure the strategy is aligned with the overall marketing strategy and vision

4.      Lead and design integration plans with current and future systems

5.      Prepare business case for defense and approval

6.      Design and successfully implement transition and scale-up plans

7.      Perform hypercare, continuous monitoring and growth strategy refinement

8.      Managers Digital Marketing & PR manager to ensure Digital Marketing & PR plan is implemented accordingly and within timeline

9.       Ensures all produced online and offline materials are within global brand guidelines

10.    Keep up to date with external trends and incorporate innovations in the digital marketing plan

11.   Prepares digital metrics reports to be submitted locally or to the region ; manages digital & PR metrics and evaluates these initiatives; suggests improvements or recommendations  based on the evaluation

12.    Liases with Customer Experience Manager to ensure that digital initiatives are aligned to the overall Customer Experience standards; if applicable, ensure digital initiatives are embedded in the customer experience

13.   Manages overall Corporate Communications function


  • Graduate of Bachelor of Arts, Major in Digital Marketing, Communications, IT or similar degrees
  • Minimum of 3 years in Digital Marketing and PR Management
  • Excellent Digital Marketing, Oral/Written communication and Organizational skills.
  • PC compatible/MS Windows or Apple MacPro/OS; Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite softwares; Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.