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Operational Engineer

Job Category:

Information Tech

Job Level:


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Client Overview:

Top global insurance firm

Client Industry:


Job Description and Qualification:

Operational Engineer 

Individual Accountabilities:
• Ensures that physical and virtual infrastructure support platform and software operations
• Selects, upgrades and integrates new technologies; maintains existing technologies
• Documents critical dependencies and issues where necessary
• Resolves critical technical issues relating to software or hardware

Job Requirements:
• Familiarity with agile and DevOps principles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and other approaches to accelerate the delivery of new features
• Understanding of software development lifecycle
• Understanding of how technology supports business strategy
• Experience designing, implementing and maintaining large-scale distributed systems
• Needs class room training for new disciplines
• Finds his/her own way in tutorials and documentation
• All interpersonal skills meet requirements for role
• Strong working knowledge of key aspects of role
• Staying abreast of developments in own technical discipline and able to recognize and translate these to own working environment
• Participates in functional demos utilizing new tech; less controls required
• Sees actions as a series of linked steps
• Understands informal structure, company culture, cooperation & information sharing within the company
• Collaborative attitude, willingness to work with team members; able to coach, participate in code reviews, share skills and methods
• Constantly learns from both success and failure
• Good organizational and problem-solving abilities that enable you to manage through creative abrasion
• Good verbal and written communication; able to effectively articulate technical vision, possibilities, and outcomes
• Experiments with emerging technologies and understanding how they will impact what comes next