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The PCI Compliance Manager will have primary responsibility for leading and coordinating the PCI Compliance program and will own the overall success of the PCI Compliance program. This position will work closely with various stakeholders and departments

1. Management:

  • Be the primary point of contact on PCI compliance.
  • Report PCI compliance status on a regular basis to Program Sponsors and key stakeholders.
  • Work with departments to keep an up-to-date Cardholder Data Environment (CDE.
  • Facilitate an annual review and update of all PCI related policies.
  • Own and manage the PCI training and administer the annual PCI training cycle.  Annual training scope includes: PCI security training, developer training, policy review, and attestation and skimmer training.
  • Lead ongoing PCI awareness program.
  • Support and keep content current on the PCI Governance resources.
  • Track PCI planned and actual expenses.
  • Stay current on PCI DSS requirements, best practices, and industry trends.
  • Provide expertise as needed in reviews of PCI application projects during Initiate, Plan, Design, and Pre-Deploy phases.
2. Annual Report on Compliance:
Schedule, plan, and coordinate the Annual review and remediation process.
Manage the relationship and contract with the external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and the PCI Subject Matter Expert (SME) advisor.
Plan, schedule, and coordinate activities during the review process.
Coordinate timely remediation of any gaps noted during the Review and the annual Attestation of Compliance (AoC).  Publish the AoC and RoC reports to interested parties.

3. Ongoing Compliance:
Work with Department Points-of-Contact (PoCs) to ensure that PCI requirements for Staff Onboarding, Separation, Physical Security, and Vendor Management are in compliance.  Verify through periodic audits.
Work with various managers and departments to ensure that PCI requirements for CDE environment segmentation, hardening, and use of security tools are in compliance.


PHP 1M – 1.9M