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Overseas Employment Agency Manager (Quezon City)

Job Category:

Administration / Corporate Services

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Job Description and Qualification:

Job Descrition:
The role of an Agency Manager involves the planning, execution, management, and overseeing of all operations related to recruitment, placement, and deployment of overseas workers.
  • Performs analysis of organizational development and anticipate future employment needs;
  • Communicate with clients to get a clear view of their hiring needs & organizational goals;
  • Defines job description and document specifications
  • Plans and implements company talent lead and acquisition strategy;
  • Plans where recruits are to be deployed;
  • Build strong relationships with industry professionals, competitors, personnel, and stakeholders;
  • Support team members
  • Works closely with other top management personnel to ensure that they can carry out their job with the greatest efficiency thereby ensuring client and organizational targets are met.
  • Complies with regulations of POEA rules and regulations, requirements;
  • Ensures all provisions in the contract with respect to working conditions are safe and that manpower engaged in carrying out work have been properly trained and understand the strict health and safety rules that apply within working environments.
  • Liaises daily with other partners; develop close working relationships with the POEA Authorities and attached agencies.
  • Oversees any training requirements and ensures personnel maintains all related legal and legislative requirements.
  • Understands legal requirements and have a full understanding of all Immigration procedures as
  • Works closely with POEA Authorities and other Attached agencies.
  • Manages and supervises all travel arrangements; reconcile expenses;
  • Bachelors/ MBA Degree in Business Administration;
  • 10 years previous experience within a manpower agency;
  • With excellent interpersonal skills and excellent written and presentational skills.
  • With manning agency management experience and familiar with interviewing and recruiting personnel;
  • Excellent with the numerical ability and be able to problem-solve under pressure and work to tight deadlines.
  • Well versed with standard software and be fully competent in Microsoft Windows and Office applications.
  • Must be willing to work in Quezon City.