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Procurement Manager (Advertising & Promotions)

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Procurement Manager

Job Overview

The position is responsible for managing the Procurement of the entire Commercial Solutions Division of the company that makes possible the sourcing of the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost in support of the entity's Sales & Promotions activities and other Operational requirements.


-       Identifies and understands the business requirements and assists in the strategic sourcing process for selecting the vendors that can best meet the requirements at the highest value.

-       Ensures alignment with Global/Regional Procurement initiatives.

-       Ensures that the right procurement process is in place and being followed – from sourcing, vendor selection/evaluation, approval of proposals/quotes, ARIBA process, Contract Approval, etc

-       Timely approval of PR's – PR approval within 2 days

-       To establish credit lines with suppliers - Minimum 20 additional credit lines to establish yearly

-       To maintain database of the existing and new vendors - Regular updates in a monthly basis

-       To achieve target cost savings for the year

-       To generate savings for the year, as specified by Regional/Global Procurement

-       Take active part in tracking of Sales & Marketing spending with the objective of helping the entity to achieve savings and ensure accuracy/timeliness in the recording of spending.

-       Negotiated savings and keeping actual spend within the budget.

-       Assists in the documentation and establishment of country-level Procurement Policies, procedures, and standards in conjunction with local management to ensure compliance with highest procurement standards and industry best practices

-       No major audit/control issues and plans in place to mitigate identified risks

-       To provide operational support in relation to fleet transactions 

-       To ensure that all car related requests are endorsed/rejected as necessary within 2 days

-       To provide operational support in capex related transactions i.e. Mobile Phones, etc

-       To ensure that all capex related requests are endorsed/rejected as necessary within 2 days

-       To provide operational support in terms of Office Facilities, Parking, Maintenance, and Third Party personnel – janitors and Messengers – daily checking and monitoring


  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably Accountancy; CPA is an advantage
  • At least 3 years of managerial experience in Purchasing/Procurement, Finance, or Supply Chain 
  • Must possess excellent customer service
  • Keen to details and able to do multi-tasking

-       Must have positive outlook, high self-esteem and knows how to manage stress

  • Willing to accept new assignments as needed
  • Must have strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Possesses honesty and strong moral principles

-       Capable of relying on one’s own abilities and resources

-       Able to do things and make decisions by yourself