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Production Manager

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Manages the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing green banana to export quality banana chips. Provides direction, development and leadership to production supervisors and workers. Implements overall plans per approved budget for process operations including scheduled repair work program, machinery rehabilitation and conditioning, replacement and acquisition of production equipment.


1.       In concurrence with the plant manager, develops and implements production plans and objectives.

2.       Daily coordinates with the Green Banana (GB) purchasing supervisor for the required raw materials to ensure continuous supply thereof.

3.       Resolves operational problems and non-conformance to standards as they are reported by production supervisors.

4.       Conducts meetings, demonstrations, consultations, trainings, and refresher courses as required for the production and processing crew.

5.       Establishes quality control procedures and monitors quality performance of the products produced including full compliance of the required recovery (peeling up to production sweetened banana chips).

6.       Obtains sales forecasts from the marketing head and directs their conversation to production plans and schedules.

7.       Schedules the processing of banana chips and its dispatching based on the order plan submitted by the marketing department.

8.       Establishes purchasing and inventory control procedures, based on plant material control policies to assure minimum cost and lead times.

9.       Monitors production cost performance and recommends cost reduction program.

10.   Daily reviews production target recovery together with the production supervisors to be able to plan the required activities.

11.   On a daily bases and as required, submits production report to the plant manager/Management with comments and recommendation.

12.   Daily confers with the Plant Manager regarding production schedule and other matters necessary in the production operations.

13.   Ensure that adequate number of and skills of personnel are present on every shift.

14.   Coordinates with the maintenance team for equipment repairs or troubleshooting

15.   Together with the Quality Control (QC) team, adheres to the maintenance of HACCP plan, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), SSOP, to ensure compliance with the set standards involved in all Critical Control Points (CCP)

16.   Works with the QC team to maintain highest quality standards, safety and sanitation practices, compliance to BFAD requirements, as well as environmental and pollution control laws ordinance.

17.   Manages production costs and controls the inventory of raw materials and other materials used for production. (Proper warehousing and inventory control should be strictly implemented).

18.   Establishes and/or updates process work instruction manual for the production workers.

19.   Exercises administrative control and supervision over production team under his/her responsibility including enforcement of company policies with respect to employee performance, training, job movements, discipline, motivating employees for peak performance and other personal matters.

20.   Performs other related function as required from time to time by the immediate superior.


1.       Graduate of Food Technology or Chemical/Industrial/Mechanical Engineering or any relevant technical course

2.       Requires at least 2 years of experience in related work/industry

3.       Must be good in both oral and written communication

4.       Must be familiar with manufacturing processes and equipment

5.       Very good in problem solving (both in technical and mathematical skills)

6.       Physically fit

7.       A team player

8.       Proficient in operating a computer and other office equipment

9.       Self-motivated with a results-driven approach

10.   Organizational and leadership abilities