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Projects Development Manager

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Develops, progresses and manages strategic business studies, projects and/or initiatives of significance to the company and the industry, in support of the organization’s objectives and business sustainability end-goals.

1. Initiates projects studies and initiatives and develops systems, processes, and networks relevant to progressing strategic business projects essential to achieving mid-to-long term business objectives.
2. Analyzes and presents to relevant internal functional groups and to management the business, commercial, technical, financial and regulatory information related to the identified strategic projects, to help support timely management decision-making.
3. Facilitates coordination with various internal and external parties for obtaining relevant inputs for required projects studies, the development of high-level plans and preparation of project timelines as may be needed, to secure project resources, budgets and approval from management. 
4. Ensures proper turnover to projects management teams of pertinent studies, contacts, networks and other information related to strategic projects, once approved by management for project implementation.

Successful applicant regularly coordinates and works with various teams within the Company and the other business units. He/she also interacts with external parties such as customers, government agencies, industry groups and associations, organizations, technology providers, petrochemical manufacturers, traders, vendors and other external parties. He/she is expected to exercise prudence in the handling and provision of sensitive and confidential information. He/she is also expected to develop an adequate understanding of business operations, products and raw materials, administrative processes and business objectives, goals and strategies.


• College grad, engineering course 
• Minimum 8 years experience, gained from assuming a responsible position in Process Engineering, Operations Engineering, Business Development, Projects Development and/or Projects Management, preferably with at least 3 years in a managerial / supervisory capacity, and from a related field/industry. 
• Excellent analytical, communication, interpersonal, problem-solving skills 
• Highly resourceful and able to work with different teams 
• Computer literate. 
• Willing to travel on local and foreign business trips. 
• Ability to communicate in Chinese (Mandarin or Fookien) and/or other languages is an advantage 


PHP 2 M – 2.9M