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Job Category:

Administration / Corporate Services

Job Level:

Entry Level

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Job Description and Qualification:


o    Travel Arrangements

o    Hotel Bookings and Flight Arrangements

o    Visa Applications/Renewal and Passport application

o    Purchasing tasks and coordinates with different suppliers.

o    Prepares the Request for Payment (RFP) for all PH suppliers/vendors/partners.

o    Updates the semi monthly Invoice Summary Report.

o    Assigned to release check payments.

o    Organize and maintain office supplies. Stock supplies are kept in a secure manner.

o    Maintains the office in order – ensures that furniture and fixtures are in order and/or working properly.

o    Act as custodian of office equipment. Keeps office equipment inventories.

o    Handles/controls inventory and proper release of office equipment and supplies.

o    Prepares Accountability Forms for all equipment and office supplies released.

o    Liaises with Building Admin to ensure all building admin policies are implemented.

o    Liaising with accounting and law firm partners.

o   Does summary of disbursements.

o   General monitoring of employee’s VL/SL.

o    Act as support for company activities e.g company parties/team buildings.

o    Coordinates office activities and schedules.

o    Does Logistics (courier)-delivery of equipment and documents abroad.