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Relationship Manager - Corporate Banking

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About the role:

  • Acts as liaison officer between the bank and the client
  • Make sure that risk classification, watch listed and post-mortem reports are properly classified for evaluation purposes.
  • Evaluates and analyzes data / information submitted related to loan application / renewal of transaction to determine propriety and acceptability to recommend for approval or decline all and any credit transaction involving assigned borrowing clients.
  • Solicits prospective loan and deposit accounts to increase business volume by getting names from list of top 1,000 corporations’ book and / or obtain referral from existing clients.
  • Provides support to the implementing unit in handling and monitoring of marketed loan account by coordinating closely with CAS the documentary requirements in order to facilitate implementation of approved transaction.
  • Ensures fast, efficient and accurate processing of Applications for Accommodation (AA’s) through effective analysis and evaluation of loan proposals
  • Undertakes marketing activities including commercial product research and development
  • Regular update of interest rates being offered by the Bank to ascertain competitiveness with other commercial banks through periodic survey on prime and non-prime rates
  • Prepares write-up regarding an account (history, financial highlights, details of business, etc.) to justify proposed facility.
  • Recommends the most suitable term loan facilities to clients through proper review and analysis of application and records
  • Establishes risk possible or inherent in a prospective / existing account through analysis of the client’s / company’s management, industry, repayments and collaterals so as to be able to design measures that will mitigate identified risks
  • Conducts careful analysis of accounts to minimize bank’s loss and increase profit
  • Processes requests of clients (Request for extension, request for deduction of interest, waiver of requirements) and adjust facility if possible, to give assistance to clients and for customer service purposes
  • Reviews term loan facilities to determine if adjustments or changes are needed to be applied so as to compete with other banks


  • Experience in loan syndication, real estate lending, managing local large corporate accounts and / or offshore lending is an advantage

  • Highly driven and a fast learner
  • Team player who is also able to work independently
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills