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Retail Sales and Operations Manager

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Our client is a global retail company with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, with an office in Carmona, Cavite.


  • Reporting to Regional Manager
  • Manages Area Managers and District Managers
  • Responsible for maximizing the sales of the stores
  • Ensures that in all stores the company┬┤s rules and decisions are followed
  • Takes all necessary steps in order to have excellent Area Managers and store employees
  • Makes use of the initiatives and motivation of Area Managers and store employees
  • Ensures the lowest possible costs and highest productivity in every part of the retail operations and procedures
  • Collaborates with all other departments in order achieve company success
  • Decides on hiring and dismissal of Store Managers as well as the salaries for Store Managers and bonuses
  • Responsible for the training and area assignment of Area Managers
  • Coordinates the holidays and decides on the deputies of the Area Managers
  • Decides on the interior plans of new stores and defines the layout of the stores (entrance, checkout area, shelves, aisles, departments, categories etc.
  • Decides on the opening dates of new stores
  • Responsible for ordering the necessary equipment of shelves, refrigerators, POS systems etc.
  • Oversees stores repairs and equipment renovations and identify stores in need of renovation and coordinates the schedules and dates
  • Work with Logistics and Regional Purchasing Department in deciding on the delivery plan for each store as well as direct deliveries from vendors
  • Decides about the volume and distribution of flyers for the stores as well as in terms of special sales activities for certain stores
  • Responsible for the Memo to the stores in order to provide clear and regular information about assortment and price changes and other matters of importance
  • Decides on all security matters in order to avoid injuries and other dangers
  • Chairs the Area Managers Meetings


  • Must have at least 2 years of working experience handling Area Store and Personnel Management