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Information Tech

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Job Description and Qualification:

Key Responsibilities & Deliverables:

  • Maintain in-depth business & IT knowledge and expertise (thru external and/or hands-on training) on commercial and distribution-related business processes and systems in FMCG environment.
  • Resolve SAP bugs/problems (whether config or program-related) encountered by the users as per Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms
    • Discuss business details of the problem with users
    • Perform systems analysis makes the functional specs for the program in resolving the bugs
    • Perform unit and systems/integration testing
    • Prepare all related documentation as per standards/procedures
    • Train and assist users in the conduct of user acceptance testing
    • Render post go-live support (as needed)
  • Provide the right solutions via projects or change requests and system enhancements to users’ business requirements as per the agreed project timelines and budget
    • Evaluate and gather the business requirements of the users
    • Prioritize and provides lead time for the request
    • Present alternative solutions and the chosen recommendation
    • Provide and delivers the solution (systems analysis and design, configuration, functional program specs and testing)
    • Train and assist users in the conduct of use acceptance testing
    • Prepare all related documentation as per standards/procedures
    • Render post go-live support
  • Lead and deliver Business Projects (which involve IT)
    • As Project Manager
      • Ensure that the project objectives are met as per agreed specifications and business objectives
      • Implement the project successfully, on time and within budget
      • Plan for resource capacity & timeline
      • Lead and direct all deliverables of the project
      • Communicate to SC team on the overall project’s updates
    • As Project contributor
      • Lead the team in delivering the right solution to the users’ business requirements
      • Decide on the final recommended solution to endorse
      • Control the solution quality by doing the final testing before endorsing the solution to the project team
  • Account Management of PVM OC/s
    • Analyze and coordinate the business requirements and priorities of the business owners/department heads of the OC. 
    • Administer the overall RSO support to the OC as per agreed SLAs
    • Build, collaborate and maintain business-IT partnership and alignment at all times
    • Prepare and submit the monthly Helpdesk Status Report and the Quarterly Report card to the OC
  • Supervise the team effectively and efficiently
    •  Workload, Time and Team management (including training needs of team)
    • Resource capacity planning
    • Status Reporting
    • QA check on team’s outputs
    • Mentoring/coaching
  • Lead in proposing the holistic/strategic planning for the covered business processes (in collaboration with business owners) and in implementing the tactical/operational planning on daily operations and projects handling

  • 6+ years of Functional Experience across different releases of SAP R/3 and ECC specific to the areas of Supply Chain Logistics or the applicable system per the consultant’s specializations
  • At least 2 years of solid experience as a Project Manager (of a big project)
  • At least 5 full cycle implementations in SAP SCM (MM/WM/Purchasing)
  • At least 5 years of SAP support experience in multiple industries preferably FMCG
  • At least 8 years total working experience in SAP
  • At least 3 years supervisory experience as a senior consultant