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Senior RM/AVP - Conglomerates

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 To support the Conglomerates Unit Head in the management of the Conglomerate business by administering all credit and related requirements of Conglomerate clients and counterparties


  1. Implement the new account/client adoption process for establishing relationships pursuant to the Bank’s Know-Your-Customer Policy and Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines. 
  2. Ensure the thorough evaluation of all Conglomerate-related proposals, taking into account the inherent risks as well as business opportunities available to the Bank.
  3. Prepare Credit Proposals for all financial institutions and related entities assigned by utilizing all available, critical and relevant information gathered.
  4. Account Management (own accounts)
    1. Coordinates with ERM for the renewal of credit facilities 
    2. Grows accounts assigned by RM thru proper and efficient management
    3. Endorses transactions to the proper approving authority / body
  5. Assist in determination of the allocation of approved credit limits to various units/users within the Bank, including the allocation of business given by SCB to its various correspondent banks.
  6. Conduct the periodic credit review and evaluation of all existing relationships to determine the advisability of retaining or terminating the same.
  7. Ensure credit quality of the portfolio assigned by keeping abreast with industry trends, client business plans and activities through diligent monitoring and regular client calling activities.
  8. Ensures that credit exposures and bank products and service are appropriately priced to meet the Bank’s standard and criteria on return on capital.
  9. Recommend proper action for early alert and past due accounts, classification of accounts for loan loss provisioning, and other remedial measures for problem accounts.
  10. Facilitate communication by acting as the main point of contact between external clients and Bank units.
  11. Cross-sell the Bank’s products and services to the target market by calling on existing and prospective clients.
  12. Liaise with concerned Bank units towards the closure of identified business opportunities and delivery of the required product or service.
  13. Execute trade finances and other liability structures arranged by the Unit in cooperation with various Bank units.
  14. Coordinate with the Bank’s IT’ Group regarding requirements for enhancements and management of all automated systems currently being employed by the  Unit
  15. Provide back-up support in the absence of other relationship managers to ensure service continuity.


  • At least 5 years of work experience in Account Management in Corporate Banking.
  • With proven ability in maximizing revenue and increasing market share through effective marketing and relationship management skills.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills.
  • Driven and output-oriented


PHP 2 M – 2.9M