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SharePoint Developer (Associate Front-End Software Engineer)

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Information Tech

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Job Description

This job description does not represent a comprehensive listing of job duties that are required of the employee performing this role. We reserve the right to change duties or assign additional duties at any time with or without notice. People Leader Role:

• Executes scripts based on specifications and standards

• Documents and executes simple software components of larger architectures • Contributes to portions of value stream codebase

• Builds, codes, tests, maintain high quality software

• Participates in Agile sprints and ceremonies; supports rapid iteration and development

• Translates user requirements into software requirements

• Ensures that every page and every step a user will experience in their interaction with the finished product will conform to the overall vision created by designers

Key Shared Accountabilities

Job Requirements

• Familiarity with agile and DevOps principles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and other approaches to accelerate the delivery of new features

• Understanding of software development lifecycle

• Understanding of how technology supports Manulife business strategy

• Needs class room training

• Needs mentoring from competent colleagues

• Needs recipes for tasks

• Is pointed in the direction of relevant trainings by his or her colleagues

• Most interpersonal skills meet requirements

• Moderate working knowledge of key aspects of role

• Staying abreast of developments in your own technical discipline

• Occasionally participates in demos utilizing new tech.; control guidelines required

• Requires guidance to link each step

• Understands the informal structure

• Familiar with platform technologies

• Familiar with modern software architectures and API-driven development

• Familiar with scripting languages

• Familiar with technologies such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React

• Collaborative attitude, willingness to work with team members; able to coach, participate in code reviews, share skills and methods

• Constantly learns from both success and failure

• Good organizational and problem-solving abilities that enable you to manage through creative abrasion

• Good verbal and written communication; able to effectively articulate technical vision, possibilities, and outcomes

• Experiments with emerging technologies and understanding how they will impact what comes next.

• Some positive impact to specific organizational entitles

• Works together in a small team with a common purpose, follows rules from team members

Decision Authorities:

• Most straightforward tasks completed to acceptable standard, requires some iteration

• Able to work well with close supervision

• Drives less than 15% of the time in paired programming

• Not yet capable of tackling new problems by him/herself, needs support with problem solving