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Software Lead Developer / Developers

Job Category:

Information Tech

Job Level:


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Client Overview:

Our client is a software development company,  the one-stop shop for teams operating solar and wind facilities.

Client Industry:

TECHNOLOGY (IT & IT peripherals)

Job Description and Qualification:

Job Responsibilities:

Software Lead (Senior Engineer – full stack)

Responsible for planning the architecture of long-haul efforts/projects, implementing new features, and ensuring high performance in the face of ever-growing and changing data sets. You are expected to understand problems in detail, articulate trade-offs to non-technical audiences, and supervise and provide mentoring to junior developers in their tasks.

developer (Developer/Engineer)

Responsible for developing and executing programming and coding to develop these efforts, new features and new capabilities, and enhancing the platform’s existing features and capabilities.

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

You should possess substantial expertise and experiences in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript technologies, among others.


• Full stack development required for Software Lead/Senior Engineers (Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Angular JS)

• System architecture and performance trade offs

• Feature design and testing strategies

• Story estimation as part of our agile development process

• Code review and merge of team members’ work (Software Lead)

• Automated test procedures and test development

• Automated deployment to our AWS environments


  • Engineers/Developers: Front end (Ruby on Rails, MySQL) and/or Back end (Design, Angular)
  • Software Lead/Senior Engineers: Both Front and Back ends
  • Javascript frameworks (Angular preferred)
  • Database structures and performance (MySQL or Postgres preferred)

Preferred Experiences:

• Agile development processes

• Amazon Web Services

• Performance monitoring