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Talent Acquisition Coordinator - ALABANG

Job Category:

Human Resource

Job Level:


Open Date:



CEBU CITY (Capital)

Close date:


Client Industry:


Job Description and Qualification:

·         Consolidate and validates the talent leads generated through different channels such as employee referral, online job

portals, and vendor endorsements.

·         Vetting CV’s and conducts screening methods such as initial phone interviews, cold-calling of candidates, face to face

interviews of the leads generated from different talent sourcing channels such as employee referrals, online job

portals, and vendor endorsements.

·         Assist and coordinates with the candidates on how to go through the recruitment process.

·         Conducts the scheduling and endorsement of candidates to the next recruitment process.

·         Meet the daily and weekly quota for the number of processed candidates.

·         Manage and monitor resume databases, online job portals and other resources.

·         Works closely with the Recruitment Coordinators, Talent Sourcing Coordinator and Recruitment Specialist in coming

up with ideas on how to generate leads from different resources.

·         Assist in the overall spectrum of the recruitment process such as and not limited to test administration, filing and

maintenance of the applicant Hiring Master.

·         Attend team meetings and calibration session with the entire talent and recruitment team.

·         Perform duties that may be assigned from time to time.