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Tax & Payables Accountant

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Job Description

  • Ensure accurate and prompt filing of BIR Tax Returns including all required attachment schedules such as, Monthly Alphabetical list of Payees (MAP), Reconciliation of Listing Enforcement System (RELIEF), Summary Alphabetical List of Withholding Tax (SAWT) and Excise Tax Report (ATRIG) and other required reports
  • Ensure substantiation compliance for zero-rated sales.
  • File, process and ensure prompt payment of taxes, permits, and licenses, to Local Government Unit (LGUs) and coordinates with Branches for their local permits
  • Handle the BIR Audits and substantiation compliance for the audit requirements
  • Process the supplier invoices, including intercompany invoices, for payment and ensure correct withholding taxes and payment upon due date
  • Submit the Audited Financial Statements (AFFS), General Format of Financial Statement (GFFS) to BIR and SEC and maintains the files
  • Submit the annual Books of Accounts in compliance with BIR RMO No. 29-2002 and the annual inventory listing
  • Monitor level of Official Receipts, Collection Receipts, Purchase Orders, Statement of Account, Shipping Tally & Delivery Receipt and other BIR accountable forms and ensure prompt replenishment
  • Handle strategic accounts for monitoring of Accounts Receivables
  • Update the company management for new tax laws that will directly or indirectly impact the company and ensure its compliance
  • Assist in other tasks of the Business Control & Support Department, as needed


  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • At least 3 years relevant work experience
  • Strong technical accounting and taxation background in a computerized working environment
  • Experienced in handling BIR Tax Audits
  • Working knowledge of EFPS and compliance to the required reports
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 365 applications especially Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Excellent organizational skills