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VP Ecosystem Marketing Head

Job Category:

Advertising / Marketing

Job Level:


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Job Description and Qualification:

  • Formulate strategies that will ensure attainment of the platform and ecosystem objectives.

·         Continuously evaluate and refine the ecosystem business model, with due regard to partner capabilities and culture to promote strategic collaboration.

  • Develop and maintain an opportunity assessment framework to guide the identification, promotion and development of new markets, services or capabilities through partnerships and/or ecosystem engagements.
  • Responsible for contacting partners, discovering and formulating a joint value proposition, closing cooperation contracts and coordinating with sales such that these actions lead to commercial success
  • Coordinate with relevant managers within Marketing or with Division Heads of other functions to solve issues in relation to implementation of programs and performance of platforms and ecosystems.
  • Manage the solicitation of relevant ecosystem partners and the resulting negotiations on revenues and costs in relation to their participation.  Monitor the performance of these partners in terms of revenue generation, user engagement, etc and ensure remedial measures to keep within target.  Rationalise these ecosystem partners as needed.
  • Graduate of any business management or digital marketing course, Post graduate studies in business administration is a plus factor.
  • 5 years spent on managing websites and social media platforms and another 5 years spent in a sales management capacity
  • In-depth knowledge of fintech industry and trends
  • Working knowledge of corporate website and social media platforms
  • Proficient knowledge of digital marketing
  • Knowledge of life insurance business and products
  • Familiarity with economics, banking and finance, investments


PHP 3M – 3.9M