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VP - Finance

Job Category:

BPO / KPO / Shared Services

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Job Description and Qualification:

Responsible for strategically leading the finance and controllership activities involved with developing and maintaining finance systems including the general ledger infrastructure within a business. Lead and support finance team through system development and deployment activities. Lead the Finance team to develop data requirements for system enhancements and to streamline financial operations. Direct management responsibilities.

Essential Responsibilities


  • Serve as subject matter expert in finance systems.
  • Strategically lead the finance and controllership activities involved with developing and maintaining finance systems.
  • Partner with IT to develop the plan of design, testing, sign-off and implementation of accounting and finance and tax routines associated with changes to existing systems and/or new system implementation.
  • Lead closing activities as it relates to monitoring system feeds.
  • Work closely with finance team to implement changes to systems infrastructure.
  • Work directly with cross functional teams to ensure adequacy of steps of all development, testing and definition of impacts to downstream systems.
  • Develop and implement a conversion and reconciliation strategy and finance project plan.
  • Develop resolutions for issues identified.
  • Grow and maintain an employee-drive, inclusive “Great Place to Work” environment.
  • Understand client/customer needs and how to translate those needs into sustainable processes and servicing strategies.
  • Meet assigned deadlines associated with project development and implementation.
  • Present updates and operational results to senior management and other internal/external stakeholders.
  • Provide direction to local finance team and manage direct report(s).


PHP 3M – 3.9M