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VP- Marketing (Real Estate)

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Sales Generation & Marketing

·         Develops and implements marketing and sales plans and forecasts to achieve corporate objectives

·         Develops and manages sales/marketing operating budgets. Controls and monitors the budget in accordance with budget allocation/limits.

·         Responsible for aggressively achieving the annual, monthly, and weekly targets.

·         Plans and oversees advertising and promotion activities.

·         Formulates, organizes and develops marketing activities by identifying the property trends and new market opportunities.

·         Identifies, qualifies and cultivates new sales opportunities through multiple mediums.

·         Manages overall sales and marketing activities that include market research, sales presentations, advertising and marketing promotional events.

·         Maintain a cost to sale ratio of less than 2%

·         International and Corporate Sales

Broker Recruitment & Development

·         Oversees broker recruitment and development

·         Develops and ensures that sellers’ trainings are conducted effectively, which includes basic salesmanship, how to secure financing, paper work/documentation, effective sales presentation, digital marketing, etc.

·         Develops Annual Incentives & Promos Program to become the Preferred Developer of external brokers/sellers

·         Develop In-house Sales Capacity

·         Develop a comprehensive tiering commission structure across all projects and product types

·         Develop a fair and logical commission release schedule/policy

Relationship Management & Organization Representation

·         Handles the relationship with clients, brokers and sales agents

·         Motivates brokers and sales agents to close sales

·         Tracks and monitors sales performance through regular meetings. If goals are not met, discuss issues and provide solutions, offer advice and motivation

·         Attends, participates and/or represents the Company in various real estate organizations such as COREB (PAREB-CDO), SHDA, OSHDP and CREBA.

·         Advocate competitive organizational change, leveraging on collaborations, networks, and relationships

·         Establish Customer Service capacity/capability within the S&M Group

·         At least 10 years of experience within the Real Estate / Property Development industry,

·         Experience in strategy development within Marketing & Sales for Properties & Real Estate

·         Developments and has established network

·         Must be a licensed Real Estate Broker

·         Has strong business acumen and negotiation skills


PHP 2 M – 2.9M