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VP-Team Leader (Corporate Banking)

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Job Description and Qualification:


  • Ensuring that the actual bottom line (Net Income) of the Banking Center will meet the target set by the Bank to meet required risk return parameters. Responsible for identification and tapping products of various external agencies for funding and/or guarantee programs. 
  • Makes sure that all transactions emanating from Marketing are in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures (satisfactorily audit results)
  • Marketing/Solicitation of accounts for deposits, placements (inter bank deposits), loans, and other trade-related transactions; 
  • Assisting Account Officers in packaging of accounts and making client calls; in restructuring past due accounts and collections of Marketing Division; 
  • Reviews the daily transactions of the Marketing Division; 
  • Acts as the General Administrator of the Banking Center; 
  • Presents and justifies the packages of solicited accounts for Credit Committee Meeting approval and Executive Committee Meeting approval; 
  • Evaluates the profitability of the Banking Center and determines the strategy to be taken to meet targets; 
  • Service the branch referred accounts that need credit accommodations within their respective area; 
  • Manages the overall portfolio of the Center i. e., industry exposures, etc. ; 
  • Reviews and evaluates the processes and development of subordinates, includes addressing development needs of subordinates; 
  • Responsible for all the activities of the lending hub under them with respect as to evaluating , packaging, restructuring, servicing, profitability, strategy of overall portfolio as well as the daily transaction, manpower requirement, training and development.
Skills and Experience:
  • At least 5 years of work experience in Account Management in Corporate Banking.
  • Experience catering to the top 500- 2000 corporations
  • With proven ability in maximizing revenue and increasing market share through effective marketing and relationship management skills.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills.
  • Driven and output-oriented.


PHP 3M – 3.9M